uptodate – N°3 – 2017

• An additional information channel

ln Breitkopf & Härtel’s new blog our composers, publishers, authors and staff members will keep you updated on subjects
related among other things to orchestra, contemporary music and pedagogy. We look forward to the dialogue.

A new chapter of our digital presence

At the beginning of this year we introduced is our new corporate design true to the motto «Evolution rather than Revolution».  Our magazine «uptodate» features new creative accents as well; three times a year it informs about current topics. events and new editions of our publishing house. With the start of the Breitkopf & Härtel Blog end of May a new chapter of our digital presence has been opened.

For many companies – music publishing houses included – corporate blogging has become an essential part of online marketing. And so we would like to offer this additional information and communication channel to you. The new Breitkopf & Härtel Blog is a forum where particularly authors, composers and editors have their say. Subjects to be covered reach from Orchestral Music to Contemporary Music up to the presentation of new pedagogical concepts and much more. We are happy that Jean-François Monnard, the renowned conductor and editor of Ravel’s music, has started our blog with his series Monnards Konzertprogramme.

We have set up a RSS feed so you don’t miss out on any blog article, and we inform you about new articles in our monthly newsletter. We are eager to follow the progress of the Breitkopf & Härtel Blog, and we are looking forward to your comments, wishes and ideas !

Jean-François Monnard, editor of our Urtext editions of Ravel’s orchestral works, outlines his ideas and thoughts on different concert programs with his blog series Monnards Konzertprogramme. « Breaking boundaries » and « building bridges » through music, this is how Monnard invites to mutually think about interesting program planning. The Swiss conductor wants to break up and rearrange conventional programs, discover connections between works or extra-musical associations. ln this series, Monnard is shedding light on multifarious program ideas in concise texts. Here, the reference points are as manifold as the music itself. Sometimes, the focus is on composers, other times it is about different genres, then again on inspirational sources such as literature or nature. He started a few weeks ago with programs that pivot on Béla Bartók. ln individual blog articles also Debussy and, not quite surprisingly, Ravel are going to appear in a new light.

Do you have suggestions or questions as to Monnard’s program focuses? Just drop by and have a look at our blog and leave a comment. We are looking forward to your posts. Who knows, they might give rise to the one or another new concert program.

Jean-François Monnard, Herausgeber unserer Urtext-Ausgaben der Orchesterwerke von Ravel, skizziert mit seiner Blog-Reihe Monnards Konzertprogramme ldeen und Gedanken zu ganz unterschiedlichen Konzertprogrammen. « Grenzen überwinden » und « Brücken bauen » mittels Musik, so lädt Monnard dazu ein, gemeinsam über interessante Programmgestaltung nachzudenken. Der Schweizer Dirigent möchte konventionelle Programme aufbrechen und umgestalten, neue Verbindungen zwischen Werken oder auch zu Aussermusikalischem entdecken. ln knappen Texten beleuchtet Monnard in dieser Reihe vielgestaltige Programmideen. Die Bezugspunkte sind dabei so vielfaltig wie die Musik selbst. Mal stehen Komponisten im Mittelpunkt, mal verschiedene Genres, mal auch Inspirationsquellen wie Literatur und Natur. Den Anfang machte er vor einigen Wochen mit Programmen. die Béla Bartók als Dreh-und Angelpunkt haben. Aber auch Debussy und, wie sollte es anders sein, Ravel werden in eigenen Blogbeiträgen programmatisch in ein neues Licht gestellt.

Haben Sie auch ldeen oder Fragen zu Monnards Programmschwerpunkten? Dann schauen Sie doch gerne auf unserem Blog vorbei und hinterlassen Sie einen Kommentar. Wir freuen uns auf lhre Beiträge! Und wer weiss, vielleicht ergibt sich daraus noch das eine oder andere ganz neue Konzertprogramm.

Authors: Florian Kleidorfer & Alexandra Marx

Blog : https://blog.breitkopf.com